What can you visit in Minsk (photo 360)

What can you visit in Minsk (photo 360).TOP places to visit in the capital of Belarus.
Tourists from 80 countries can come to Belarus for 5 days without a visa. Here is our selection of places to see for tourists.

1. Independence Avenue

The main street of Minsk is based in the spring of 1801 as Zakharyevskaya. Later the main Avenue of the Belarusian capital changes its name 18 times (street of the Soviet, Pushkin, Adam Mickiewicz, Lenin Avenue, Stalin Avenue and Francisk Skorina Avenue).
It`s interesting to see the Independence Avenue from Independence square to Yakub Kolas square. All the houses along the main avenue are built in the so-called “Stalinist Empire style”, it`s a vivid example of pompous Soviet building.

2. Trinity Hill

I have to say it`s a reconstruction. But it’s worth to see this little piece of the rebuilt ancient city. Small cafes, several museums, souvenir shops and rare book stores are all in one place.

3. Pit

The Pit is the famous Holocaust memorial in Minsk, built by architect Leonid Levin. At this place, on March 2, 1942 the Nazi forces shot about 5000 prisoners of the nearby Minsk Ghetto. The obelisk was created in 1947 and in 2000 a bronze sculpture entitled “The Last Way” was added. The sculptural composition is located along the steps leading to the center of the memorial and it represents a group of doomed martyrs, walking down the steps of the pit.

4. National library

One of the most controversial new buildings in Minsk. The library has entered two ratings at the same time, the first, as one of the most beautiful buildings and the second, as one of the most terrible. We will not argue about its qualities as an architectural object, but the observation deck that opens a wonderful view on the city is worth visiting.

5. Gorky Park

Located near the Independence Avenue, Gorky Park is one of the oldest parks in Minsk. In addition to beautiful nature and the river Svisloch, here you can ride the rides and even hand-feed the squirrels that are friendly and not fearful.

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