Excursion to the BELAZ plant

BELAZ-75710 is the world’s biggest dump truck with a payload capacity 450 tons. They say up to 8 people can get an outpatient treatment in its first aid kit at a time. So whether it’s actually let’s learn from our report.

Belarusian automobile plant (BelAZ) is located in Zhodino, 40 kilometers from the city of Minsk. Ranked in the Top 5 Global companies in the production of quarry equipment. However, the plant produces not only quarry equipment, but also a large range of different forklifts, bulldozers, airport tractors. The company’s profit is more than $ 100 million per year. More than 10 thousand employees work in the production.

In autumn 2013, the plant produced the giant BELAZ-75710. And in January 2014, this truck was included in the Guinness Book of Records: heavy load of 503.5 tons was transported on the test site!

Let’s look at the technical characteristics of BELAZ-75710:

Length is 20m, width-9m, height-8m, payload-450 tons, empty weight-360 tons. BELAZ-75710 has two diesel engines MTU Detroit Diesel 16v4000 with an engine power of 1715 kW each, a total capacity of 4600 HP. For example, a car has about 100 horsepower, which is 460 times less than dump truck!

How many rooms are in the cabin? The BELAZ package includes a system for monitoring dead zones, fire extinguishing system, air conditioners, alarm system for approaching to the high-voltage line.

France purchases Michelin rubber for tires 59 / 80R63. The payload capacity of the dump truck is limited by the tires, while there are no tires in the world that could withstand such huge masses.

BELAZ-75710 has two fuel tanks with a capacity of 2800 liters each. Fuel consumption is1300 l / 100 km. Full tank, please! – One working day in a quarry takes more than 5,000$ to refuel!

How to deliver such enormous vehicle to the customer? – Taking into account fuel costs it will be expensive. And public roads are not designed for such trips. After testing at the site, the vehicle is disassembled and parts are delivered to the destination. It needs 10-12 railway platforms. So we will not see BELAZ on the road, but we can see on the train.

Would you buy BELAZ-75710? So how much is this monster? The price depends on the configuration. In general, the cost of the dump truck is about 10 million $! That also makes BELAZ-75710 one of the most expensive cars in the world!

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